What celebrities love to wear pearls?

Pearls have often been associated with vintage fashion and style, but they have remained relevant for their elegant beauty. Year after year, various celebrities who endowed them to make stylish statements and showed that pearls are timeless. Designers are always coming up with different designs and ways to wear pearls and celebrities have been used to display this vintage fashion. We have seen pearl mixed in different sizes and lengths, multiple strands, as bracelets, around the neck, on the ears and in both black and white. The most stylish celebrities on the red carpets have worn pearls, which is a growing trend amongst celebrities. So what celebrities love to wear pearls? Here are celebrities who have worn pearls the best.

1. Lupita Nyong’o

You may know her for her Oscar award winning performance in 12 Years a Slave, but Lupita Nyong’o is one of the best-dressed celebrities in Hollywood. She showed the women a different way of wearing pearls. During the 2015 Oscar Awards, she wore a beautiful gown made of millions of pearls and designed by Calvin Klein. She showed the world that pearls could make a good ensemble as they do other accessories.

2. Angelina Jolie

She has immaculate style, which is among the reasons she is envied all over the world. Angelina Jolie loves here vintage style that blends perfectly and flawlessly with pear earrings and multi-strands pearl on her neck. Mrs. Pitt loves her pearl earrings, and she prefers hers to have bigger studs.

3. Kate Middleton

The Duchess of Cambridge has revived the fashionable status of the pearl by giving them a contemporary edge. Kate Middleton has worn them constantly especially during her loyal tours to New Zealand and Australia. She combines her pearls with high-end fashion outfits to achieve a contemporary look. The ‘Kate Effect’ has taken over again, and pearls have become cool and worn by the likes of Rihanna and Jessie J. she loves to pearls dropped where they hand loosely and elegantly from her years. Her style of wearing her pearls elongates her face and makes her look beautiful.

4. Rihanna

She is known for her racy looks and style, but she has worn pearls to expose her modish style. She has been seen wearing a layered pearl necklace that has several rows for pearls to accessorize her tops. With such a look, she is transformed into a modern and feminine woman, which is an amazing way to wear pearls.

5. Ashley Olsen

She is popular for being ahead of the rest fashion wise. Her fashion style is coveted by many because its sleekness and classic touch. Ashley likes her pearl earrings with diamond details dropped as a simple way of adding an elegant touch to her outfit.

6. Scarlet Johansson

Vintage and classic are two words that can be used to describe Scarlet’s fashion style. There is no better way of adding a touch of style an outfit than accessorizing with pearls. Who is else does this well than Scarlet Johansson? She likes wearing necklaces made up of large pearls, the best way to brag about your pearls.

These celebrities are showing the world how to wear pearls, and I am sure that you can get one way or two of how you can wear this timeless element of fashion.


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Is it still popular to wear pearls?

According to reputable fashion experts, a lady should at least own one or two pairs of pearl earrings. So, is it still popular to wear pearls? Even from the time of Queen Elizabeth up to this day, pearl jewelry never go out of style. Pearl accessories, especially pearl earrings, are very versatile. You can basically wear them on any occasion.

Most timeless pearl jewelry are set in platinum, sterling silver, and gold. Jewelers use the best quality cultured pearls like Tahitian, South Sea, and Akoya pearls to create a classic and sophisticated piece of jewelry.

In this article, you will know the difference among the highest-grade cultured pearls. Knowing what they are made of and where they came from will make you appreciate its beauty even more.

The “Akoya” Pearls

The Akoya pearls are the most adored type of saltwater pearl because it has a classic and satin white hue. They have a high luster and a perfectly round shape. The Akoya pearls can only be found in China and Japan and it is cultured from a small oyster named, Pinctada fucata.

The Tahitian Pearls

The Tahitian pearls can only be farmed in French Polynesia’s shallow waters. They are also produced only by the black-lipped oyster, Pinctada magaritifera. Tahitian pearls got its name from Tahiti which is the most popular island in French Polynesia and the largest overseas French territory. It is also the central trading center of these stunning pearls. Women revere Tahitian pearls because it is the one and only pearl that can achieve its black-body color naturally. However, they can also come on a variety of hues such as purple, blue, green, gray, and silver.

The South Sea Pearls

The South Sea pearls are the most expensive and rarest among seawater pearls. These type of pearls come only in two different colors: golden yellow and lustrous white. The gold-lipped and white-lipped Pinctada maxima oysters produce these pearls, respectively. These gems are usually cultured in the Philippines, but they are also those that farm them in Indonesia and Australia.

Freshwater Pearls

Freshwater pearls are the most versatile pearls. They come in baroque forms and only two percent of them have perfect round shapes. If you come across a freshwater pearl that has a nearly perfect round shape, then you have a rare piece of pearl in your hands. They come in white or in muted tints like lavender and pink.

If you want to get your first ever pair of classic pearl earrings, pearl studs are a safe option. You can have it embellished with precious, semi-precious stones, or diamonds which would make it even more valuable. Pearl earrings complete a great casual getup like with your everyday jeans and plain shirt. The earrings wont only make your outfit look extra special, but it would also make you look all the more spectacular. Pearl earrings are a wonderful match to your little black dress as well!

Below is a guide that we have compiled to help you choose which earring style would best enhance your facial features.


Round face shapes: long triangle or rectangle drop style earrings;Square face shapes: large hoop or round earrings would soften your look;Heart face shapes: drop earrings are best;Oval face shapes: this is the ideal shape of the face so any style of pearl earring would work.


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You can never go wrong with pearls. If you want to know more about pearls and pearl jewelries, check out the other articles we have in our blog.

History of pearl jewelry

The Pearl is known as the oldest gem in the world. Since there are no written records, we do not know the man who was behind the discovery of pearls. However, it is believed, that when a group of guys were searching for food beside the shore, they came across this jewelry. We can find the mention of pears in the history of many ancient civilizations:

1. China: The first mention of pearls in Chinese history dates back to 2300 BC. In ancient China, pearls were considered as a very luxurious gift. They were usually gifted to the kings and other members of the ruling party. They were found in the shores of the river Hwai.

2. India: We also find the mention of pearls in Indian history. According to the Hindu Mythology, their main God Krishna discovered the first pearl. It is also mentioned in their famous religious book named Ramayana. In Ramayana, there is a mention of a necklace which was made with 27 precious and rare pearls.

3. Roman Empire: According to the Roman people, pearl symbolized the status of a person and they believed that only the ruling class deserved to wear them They even prohibited the common people from wearing pearls.

4. Egypt: Egyptians had a different view about pearls. They believed that the outer shell was more valuable than the pearl. They used those for decorating their homes and also for making different kinds of jewelries. They finally realized the true value of the pearl in the beginning of the 5th century.

5. Greece and Persia; Thanks to the Persian Gulf, there was an abundance of pearls in these region. Throughout the Persian History, you will find lots of references of pearls. According to them, pearl doesn’t represent status, but they were a symbol of love. They were mainly used in the weddings.

Finding Pearls before 20th Century: Generally most gems and stones can be directly mined from the surface of the Earth. But pearls are an exception. They are produced only by a living organism. When a parasite accidentally gets stuck inside the body of an oyster, a crystal like substance is formed which is known as pearl. Before the 20th century, collecting pearls was very difficult. Divers had to go deep down inside the water in order to spot the pearls. But the probability of finding a pearl was very less. Out of hundreds of oysters, only one or two of them had a pearl inside.

Pearl Market after 20th Century: The first artificial pearl was created by Kokichi Mikimoto. He manually inserted a parasite inside the inner body of an oyster, so that a pearl develops. After this, the value of pearls gradually started to decline in the beginning of the 20th century. Many people complained that Kokichi’s pearls were fake. But after scientific tests, it was found that they had the exact same chemical properties as the ones found in the surface of the sea. By the year 1940, Japan started producing millions of pearls. Even today, you will find many museums having some of the best pearls made by Kokichi. Currently, pearls are not as rare as they used to be and many people can afford it.




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How are pearls cultivated?

When a small object is embedded in the tissue of either an oyster or a mollusk, a pearl is formed. The mantle tissue of the mollusks then releases a mix of organic and crystalline substances called nacre. When the nacre piles up into lawyers, the irritant then becomes a pearl. The question is on how pearls are cultivated or harvested?

Another way for pearls to be produced is when certain stimuli, like let’s say a parasite, is lodged in between the shell of the mollusk or the oyster. Then the nacre is also released around the intruder. This then leads to the build-up which produces pearls.

There are more types of pearls out there than one can imagine, and of all the pearls, the Tahitian pearls are one of the most expensive. When buying pearl jewelry, you must first know what you’re getting, and this article aims at educating you, the reader, on the different pearl qualities available on the market.

First, let’s have a quick look at the exclusive black pearl. These pearls are not grown in Tahiti. They are commonly available in different shades of gray and blue, as well as dark green or brown. The reason that these pearls are not actually from Tahiti is that the islands that surround Tahiti (French Polynesian islands) are where these pearls are grown and harvested.

Of all the different Tahitian pearls, the most exclusive ones are the green and blue varieties. The factors that determine the actual color shade varieties are dependent on things such as the environment that these pearls were grown, the water temperature and the donor tissues of the oysters.

Most people don’t know how pearls are formed. It all starts when a parasite enters the oyster and seeks a source of food. The oyster then protects itself by coating the parasite with its natural substance and keeps doing so. The parasite eventually dies and the layers of nacre that form over time, and what we get at the end is a pearl.

So then, what are cultured pearls? These pearls are pretty much the same as natural pearls in that the nacre layers are still required to form around a small object to produce a pearl. Except that this time, the farmers are the ones who purposely put an intruder into the oyster with surgical precision. The oysters or mussels are then placed back into the water and nurtured carefully.

There are also differences between the fresh water and salt water pearls. In the past, the salt water varieties were the preferred choice. However, as culturing technology has improved over the years, freshwater pearls are fast becoming more renown for their perfection. Compared to their saltwater cousins, these are more consistently lustrous and perfectly round.

Not all oysters produce quality pearls, however. The quality of each piece is determined by its roundness, color, and perfection. Only approximately 40% of these pearls produce a top quality pearl worthy of selling in the jewelry market. And of this number, only 5% of them are perfectly round, and these are the truly expensive ones that fetch a high price. This is exactly the reason why when you buy a strand of matching pearls on a necklace, it can cost you an arm and a leg.

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How to tell if your pearls are real

Pearls are beautiful and extremely profitable. Be that as it may, subsequent to the revelation these uncommon diamonds in old times, individuals have been using machines to make fake ones. So how to tell if your pearls are genuine? Here are our top tips that can help you identify genuine pearls from the fake ones.

Tip 1: Feel the temperature

The underlying stride you can take is to feel them and sense the temperature. Genuine pearls are cool to touch for the principal couple of seconds before warming up against your skin. Fake plastic ones have the same warmth as the room temperature, and you don’t feel the coolness when you touch them. In any case, fake ones that are made of glass globules can be cool in touch to begin with. Be that as it may, it serves to take them longer to warm up upon your skin.

Tip 2: Check the surface

When you check genuine pearls nearly or under magnification, you will see minor abnormalities and edges on every pearl’s spread. In a strand of rich pearls, you can unendingly see extremely modest differences, notwithstanding when they are top quality and very much coordinated. If the pearls are impeccable and undefined in regards to appearance, size, color and surface attributes, they are maybe fake.

Likewise, refined pearls reflect light differently from fake ones. The radiance of fake pearls has a lustrous look and is unnatural.

Tip 3: Touch the surface and feel the weight

Both regular and refined pearls have textured surface because of their layered nacre structure. So when you rub them delicately against each other or on your front teeth, they feel somewhat coarse. Fake or fake pearls, be that as it may, for the most part feel smooth or shiny. Furthermore, genuine pearls are normally heavier than fake ones.

Tip 4: See the colors

Both characteristic and artificial pearls regularly have an induction, a translucent color that shows up on the external covering a pearl. If you understand the pearls have one and only uniform color and are the absence of profundity, they are conceivable to be fake. Yet, it’s worth seeing that some genuine pearls have no hint either. So this implies alone can’t tell the genuineness of a pearl.

Tip 5: Look at the shapes and penetrate gaps

Most genuine pearls are once in a while round. A strand of genuine pearls that are consummately round commands a to a great degree high cost and is extremely uncommon.

The drill a few openings in genuine pearls are normally slight while those in impersonation ones are regularly bigger. Under some magnification, the covering all around the drill openings of the fake pearls is commonly thin and resembles a sparkling tint. You can regularly see pieces or chipped film around the drill gaps that will at last peel off.

It’s crucial to recall that every one of the progressions above can’t be utilized alone to achieve an authoritative judgment on whether or no a pearl is genuine. It’s generally helpful to combine a few of these strategies on the whole to distinguish the fake pearls. You can likewise have your pearls tried in a gemological lab for a more convincing result.

Your retailers ought to let you know if the pearls you are purchasing are genuine or fake. You have additionally been careful if they let you know the pearls are characteristic. Common pearls are formed without human obstruction and are exceedingly uncommon and costly.

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Buying the perfect Pearl

Getting the perfect Gem

You may ponder exactly what is the remarkable thing about Gems? Well, Pearls are actually a complicated item, for begin the light that gems feature is a resulted of the overlapping from succeeding levels, which separates light falling on the surface. Additionally, pearls (specifically freshwater gems) might be dyed yellow, green, blue, brown, pink, purple, or even dark. I like Black Gems, they are actually fantastic.

This was actually the main reason pearls fetched such phenomenal prices before. Imitation or even phony pearls are actually additionally extensively marketed in low-cost jewelry, however the top quality of the light is actually normally quite inadequate, and also commonly speaking, phony pearls are actually generally very easy for differentiate off the actual factor.

You need to know what form of gems you are actually getting, if you purchase Gems that originate from Gems farms you need to recognize exactly how they are actually picked up, these sort of gems are meticulously decided on from long-established gem farms. Then range in dimension from under 1mm for 20mm titans. Typically this farm gems are actually collected in the cooler winter season, after regarding 2 years from cultivation.

Like natural gems, cultured gems increase within a shellfish, yet with individual treatment. Cultured gems are offered through their size in millimeters. Saltwater gems emerge within a deep sea shellfish. Deep sea gems may be either all-natural or even cultured.

Clearly that is certainly not a shock for anyone for comprehend that organic pearls are actually a lot more expensive and also if you are actually considering acquiring the very best gems on earth, effectively, you have to Trip all the way for Japan.

When you purchase a Gem you should inquire about the beginnings as well as their conditions. This is the way in which they receive identified.

So where carry out Pearls stem from? Properly [earls are formed inside the shell of particular bivalve shellfishes: as a response for an irritant inside its covering, the mollusk develops a gem to seal the irritability. Pearls come in 8 basic designs: round, semi-round, key, droplet, pear, oval, baroque, and also circled.

Gems where prior to merely for style, now you can discover gems have likewise been actually squashed and also utilized in cosmetics, medicines, or in paint solutions. Pearls along with the best areas are the highest-quality, the majority of in-demand pearls.

Regarding acquiring Pearls as aspect of Precious jewelry, you must understand the following: almost all pearls utilized for fashion jewelry are cultured through planting a primary or nucleus right into pearl oysters. Abalone off along the Pacific Coastline, largely California, create each sore as well as totally free pearls and also their coverings are actually used for inlay in jewelry as well as other things.

Look for a firm or style that gives these same finer-quality of any type of Eastern cultured Pearls at a portion of traditional-store rates. This is actually hard for sure it is achievable. Pearls are an excellent found for many people on the market, you will certainly never keep an eye out from style with a nice Gem Precious jewelry locket, and for certain always getting some premium quality pearls is a prudent investment. Gems are actually perfect for gifts and also for that exclusive as well as romantic events